Research: Blockchain sector in Europe faces funding problems


The Blockchain technology has demonstrated its potential and thus attracted the attention of many investors in various countries. However, it still faces some difficulties and a research by Leadblock Partners confirms it.

The Leadblock report presents a survey of 200 new Blockchain companies that made known their needs and aspirations about the Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology Development in Europe

Accelerating the growth of the Blockchain
In this regard, Leadblock specifies that Europeans need to be funded for EUR 350 million, which translates into about USD 395 million, over the next 18 months.
Therefore, what the Leadblock research emphasizes is that although there are good ideas, they lack the necessary capital. In other words, the Blockchain technology sector faces financing problems, which hinders its growth.

In addition, the research found that Blockchain companies in Europe have less than US$113 million in assets under management.

However, we must consider that, in the case of the United States, the amount is more than 2 billion dollars. Therefore, the United States continues to lead for the time being.

„We found that one of the key reasons is that blockchain venture capital funds lack AUM in Europe, as U.S. funds have raised at least 20 times more capital. U.S. start-ups typically raise four times as much,“ the report says.

However, it is also true that the report found an improvement in the industry’s performance. The research mainly attributes this to the fact that the Blockchain technology has reached relative maturity.